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China Shanghai (Group) Corporation for Foreign Economic & Technological Cooperation (CHINA SFECO GROUP) was approved by the State Ministry of Commerce (Former Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation) and Shanghai Municipal Government. The net assets are nearly 1.2 billion USD and the total assets are 5.1 billion USD. We have five branches, seven wholly-owned subsidiaries, 6 holding companies and 16 joint venture enterprises.
We specialize in five industry sectors: Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Engineering Related Tendering & Consultancy Services and Trade. Among them, Industrial Engineering is our core business. We have successfully completed some 600 projects in overseas countries including Zawgyi Dam Hydroelectric Power project in Burma, Durgun Hydroelectric Power Station in Mongolia, Son Dong Thermal Power Plant in Vietnam, BNS Steel Factory in Thailand, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Stage in Pakistan and etc.
Our Group has been continuously listed in the World Top 225 contractors by ENR (Engineering News Record) for the past 15 years. We were also ranked as Top 500 Service Enterprises of China, Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in the world and Top 100 Enterprises in Shanghai. We were awarded the AAA International Contractor Credit rating and AAA Foreign Labor Service Corporation Credit rating by China International Contractor’s Association -- the only company that’s been awarded both AAA credit ratings in Shanghai.

Business Scope:
Contracting for industrial and civil construction, roads and bridges and other civil engineering projects both at home and abroad; Manpower supply service, sending of the personnel engaged in research and training; Investment both at home and abroad, opening Sino-foreign joint ventures and enterprises owned by a sole investor; International tendering, international purchasing, government project purchasing and tendering, scientific and technological consultation; Import & export trade of goods, transit trade, import & export trade of technologies, material processing, sample assembly, sample processing, compensation trade, customs declaration service; Consultation of investment for foreign investors in Shanghai, transfer contracting and subcontracting agency for foreign invested projects in Shanghai, and recruitment of builders; Domestic whole-sale and detail trade;Real estate development and operation, interior decoration, old house exchange and other real estate business;Oil products business, various services for exploiting oil and gas.

Cooperation Principles:
Equality and Mutual Benefit, Emphasizing Substantial Results, Multiple Forms and Mutual Development

Business Policy:
Observing Contracts, Guaranteeing Quality, Making Reasonable Profits and Valuing Loyalty